Why is Toning Important for the Photographer Dundee?

photographer DundeeA very important, but easily forgotten essential in photo editing is toning. Split toning is an editing technique that gives your pictures more blows. It’s how a photographer Dundee can turn a great picture to an awesome and inspiring shot to display.

What is split toning and how does one apply it properly?

More than white balancing

The first ‘split toning’ you can do on your pictures is to adjust the white balance. It gives off a yellow sepia tone that makes the scene warmer or cyan, a blue tone that is cool to look at. But most of the time, white balance affects the whole pictures – everything will look either yellow or blue. This is just the first step and you’re not done with toning.

Lightroom split toning

The next step is to use split toning on Adobe Lightroom. Here, you can see a few options that affect the shadow and highlight colors. Sliding the bar allows you to choose which color you want to emphasize, how saturated it should be and how much highlight or shadow is shown.

Highlights refer to the brighter color, so in black and white, it refers to the part that is brighter. Shadows refer to darker tones, or usually the shadow of objects in the pictures.

There are many ways you can go around and edit your pictures with split toning, it’s up to what kind of mood you want to show. But let us show what you can do with toning a simple, contrasting black and white picture. It’s also heavily important that you don’t just slap pictures as black and white without toning them as a photographer Dundee.


Hover the hue bar to the yellow part and increase the saturation to up to 70. You can begin to see how the picture is getting a warm tone on it. Depending on the context, it can also give a vintage vibe to the picture.

If you want to go for a cooler tone, you can hover to light blue or cyan color to get that aquatic vibe. This makes the picture looks cool and calm.


As for shadows, move over to dark blue or navy color to give the shadow a little bit of color, but not too much that it’s horrendous to look at.

Additionally, some people prefer to only work on either the highlight or the shadows because they think using both is overkill. It really depends on what you like to do and which style works better for you.


There is no one correct way to edit, so make sure to explore all the possible tones you can do with your pictures. They are very simple and easy to use, but a photographer Dundee can make his pictures look 10x better and more impactful by giving the right tone, much like the pictures taken by Angus Forbes Photography.

The key to toning is to understand what kind of mood do you want to see in the picture. And to go in moderation with toning. It’s also important to stop when you feel like it’s enough. You can opt to download raw pictures to practice your photo editing skills.