Wedding Photographer Blog Tips

Understand the purpose

wedding photographyA wedding photographer should understand what the purpose of the blog is for before he starts out with any blogging efforts. If there is no main purpose in view, the efforts will turn out to be futile and useless. What you need to understand about what the wedding photography Cheshire blog is for and is all about in the first place is the fact that it is meant to be a marketing tool from the get go. Your main target for your blog audience are potential clients. Whenever you are in the process of building up your blog structure, make it a point to go out of your way to ensure that it has the potential clients in mind all of the time.

Although most of your blog content may include wedding feature blogs at some point or so, and although this is something that your previous clients may like and appreciate a lot at some point or so, the main goal is not to please them. The main goal here is for you to be able to show the potential clients what you are quite capable of as a wedding photographer so that they will in turn be inspired enough to book you in case they have a need for your services as a professional wedding photographer somewhere in the near future.

A blog can act as a wedding photographer’s online portfolio.

A wedding photographer will never be commercially successful if he has no actual proof of what he can do or what his previous works are. It can be very easy to claim this and that but in this visual age, people are always looking for some visual confirmation. You are a visual artist after all and it is the kind of industry that you thrive in. giving people glimpses of the techniques that you are using and of the photography style that you specialize the most in at the end of the day will be your best tool in getting them to book you in the first place. A wedding photography blog is one of the best ways for you to get to store your works as a wedding photographer. Whether they are related to wedding photography or not, it would be best if you diversify, just so that you are not cornered off to just one niche when it all comes down to it. Change things up and put in some variety while you are at it.

Pick your images the right way.

Not all of them deserve to be in the wedding photographer blog that you are writing up. You don’t have to include all the images you have taken of the wedding in your blog. That will crowd the blog up too much and might eventually bore out your audience. This is something that you should try to avoid as much as possible. You want people to be able to check out your content from start to finish and you will only be able to do that if there is a certain continuity to your blog content. You can’t allow it to go on in a lengthy kind of manner. Keep things to roughly around 30 images or so per entry.


And speaking of writing, it is the kind of work that you will need to double up on, especially if it is not something that occurs naturally to you. Work on it slowly. Build things up sentence upon sentence. You will eventually get the hang of it if you put in enough thought and effort into it when it all comes down to it.