Photo Booth Features You Should Have

Surrey photo booth hireDo you want to start a Surrey photo booth hire service? It is going to be challenging to think about how far clients expect from your photo booth. It depends, however, on what you aim as well. If you want to become a professional provider, you have arrived at the right place.

Let’s start with camera qualities.

This is no more the time where pictures are so blurry that you can blurry make out the faces of several people in the pictures. This is the year where high-quality pictures can be captured even from our own smartphones. A photo booth should be able to do at least the same quality. Get your photo booth some decent cameras that will be able to capture crystal clear and sharp pictures.

The shape of the photo booth has also gone through various changes. There is no need to force yourself to make a box to take pictures in. If you have unique ideas that people will love to have in their events, do not be too afraid to try. It’s the time where things are customized from room décor, food, clothes, table and flower arrangement and even the photo booth.

For example, there have been a lot of ideas of using a minivan as a photo booth space. Think about it, if you can get yourself a cheap minivan and customize the interior into a vintage looking space, people will line up just to get that service. It’s a cheap and creative approach to a world where differentiation is highly sought out by people.

One good way to learn of a professional Surrey photo booth hire is to learn from the pro. You can check out the photo booth by They have some of the best vintage and contemporary photo booth style to be used in various events.

Make sure it is simple for the clients to use. Some people never thought about the maintenance of the booth and simply thought that renting the thing out is enough. There are several risks if you do this. The first risk is property damage by the guests without anyone keeping an eye on it. Your clients don’t want it to happen, but they cannot control every guest. It’s better to have someone from your side to keep an eye.

A butler is what many professionals like to call them.

This really help clients a lot as they don’t have to worry a lot about keeping the photo booth running. The butler has to be well trained in helping guests and watch over the use of the photo booth.

You should also provide the props for the photo booth depending on the need.

You can divide your props into themes the client can choose from. For example, you can allow additional props with a small fee increment, however, make it really worth it to pay extra. Yet, you should remember that props break over time as many guests use them every session.

You might feel like making your clients pay but do consider the ethics in Surrey photo booth hire. If the props are old and it has reached its time, it is better for you to replace it by yourself as your client won’t be too happy with a prop that doesn’t even last their whole event.