What a Documentary Wedding Photographer Might Do Wrong

Experience tells a lot about a photographer.

Dundee photographerThe more experiences you have, the more likely people will trust in your skills if positive reviews come with it. But even so, there are things that a documentary wedding photographer could be doing wrong their whole life! Don’t be surprised just because these people had rarely got any negative reactions.

Clients are not experienced people and all they know is to judge how you perform on their wedding day and the results of the pictures. They wouldn’t know if you could’ve done things better, but here, we’ll tell you how.

Stay true to your style

Many people think that documentary style is all about being candid and turning pictures into black and white. If that’s how it is, a lot of documentary wedding photographers would be stuck with the exact same type of pictures! That’s absolutely not the way.

Do not throw away your style of photography and do something that makes you stand out from others. You are not just another documentary wedding photographer and if you can show something different, you will be able to make a name that no others can follow. It could be incorporating light painting photography or other types of genre.

Know the plan

It’s also very important that you know the plan of the day. That will help you understand what you need to do and where you should be positioned at when you want to take pictures of your client. This is also because you don’t get to script how the day should go by because that would make it look unnatural. If you know, for example, where the couple will stand and how they will pose, you’ll know where to shoot.

A professional documentary wedding photographer, Catherine Pound, goes to help with the rehearsal of the wedding. This lets her know how her clients plan for the day and it’ll help her plan for the day. She’ll know where to go and stand to get the best wedding pictures.

Create a storybook

In documentary style, your clients will love it if you can make a storybook style of their wedding album. That is a very well-preferred style of wedding album for many clients because it’s a documentary. One way you can make a storybook is to make sure that you attend their wedding rehearsal to capture the days before their wedding.

Some photographers plan as far as taking pictures of their couple way before the wedding as well. This adds up something different in their wedding album and a very nostalgic mood to it.

Carry less

Every wedding photographer has their own style, but a good wedding photographer is a type that doesn’t let himself be dragged down with heavy equipment. Carry less with you when you work around the wedding hall to reduce unwanted attention. You will also be able to move around and take pictures with agility.

As a documentary wedding photographer, you are given the honor to record a history in someone’s precious life. That alone is a heavy responsibility, but you can do it better with our advice here!