3 Qualities of a Wedding Photographer Leicester

wedding photographer LeicesterYour wedding day happens only once in your lifetime. You cannot rewind it, and you cannot recreate it. It is an overwhelming day that is filled with the most important people in your life, who came to celebrate with you as you commit yourself to a life of marriage. Of course, you wouldn’t want anything to go wrong with your big day, but if there is one thing that needs to be perfect, it is your wedding photography, created by the best wedding photographer Leicester ever produced. You can afford to run out of wine, or have fewer flowers than expected, and you can even survive with a missing sick bridesmaid, or an unruly little flower girl, but you cannot, in any circumstance, not have perfect wedding photographs.

Top three qualities that a wedding photographer must have

In your special day, the cake and food will be eaten, the guests will come and go, even your old relatives will pass on to the next life someday, and your beautiful dress may get outdated and rusty, but it is the priceless wedding photographs that will remain unchanged forever. Exquisite, timeless wedding photographs can be created in the expert hands of a wedding photographer Leicester is proud of. Oliver Kershaw Photography is definitely a great wedding photographer equipped with the top qualities that you should look for when you decide to hire for a wedding photographer.


For your extraordinary wedding day, you need to hire a professional wedding photographer who is deeply passionate about the photography craft. Sincere passion drives experienced wedding photographers to excel in their line of work, to seek for other means necessary to further enhance their skills and to continue to innovate their photography style to perfection. An extremely passionate wedding photographer thrives on creativity and imagination to create gorgeous wedding photographs that you will forever be happily proud of.

Technical competency

A professional wedding photographer Leicester has to offer is highly skilled in the technical aspects of the photography equipment, like the cameras, lenses, and lighting. There will always be a back-up equipment in case the primary cameras unluckily malfunction on the day of the wedding. The best wedding photographer with a keen eye for detail has technically studied the equipment thoroughly, undoubtedly testing everything and is highly confident that the best features of the expensive photography equipment will be put to good use.


To be able to expertly produce exceptionally magnificent wedding photos, the wedding photographer Leicester reviewed to be the best must have empathy. The ability to understand what you feel, what you need, and what moments to capture is an invaluable quality that your chosen wedding photographer need to have in order to smoothly document your big day, capturing crucial moments that are essential to your wedding heirloom of photographs. A wedding photographer who is in tune with your thoughts and feelings will know exactly what precious moments to freeze, what angle to shoot, what secret smile to capture, and when to stop time and capture those remarkable genuine moments of pure happiness and love.

Hire a Derby Wedding Photographer with This Quality

Derby wedding photographerSo, does that Derby wedding photographer qualify to be a professional? More importantly, does that photographer qualify to be someone who will work well with and for you? The issue with wedding photographers is that you are not just hiring someone who knows how to take pictures. You also want that someone to know how you want things to be done.

But, note that this is not the same as giving them a shotlist. In fact, if you are considering about creating a long shotlist filled with 70 things to shoot, you might want to reconsider that. A professional wedding photographer cannot appreciate someone that basically tell them what to shoot throughout the whole day. You hired a pro not to tell them what they should and shouldn’t do as a photographer.

Has the experience

First, that photographer should have enough experience as a wedding photographer. And we’re not saying one or two experience, but much more than that, to show that the photographer knows what he’s doing. It prevents a photographer from being panic and taking too much time to think of the best way to handle problems.

You will also be able to see better the style of the photographer through various different works in different venues. Coincidentally you can see if there’s a specific wedding that may have a similar theme or done in the same venue as yours. You can better see the photographer’s style and even ask him about the place!

Consistent quality

Every photographer will start with showing you the best works they ever did to impress you. But it’s often not something that shows the photographer’s true quality. This is what every wedding photographer look to you at the beginning.

What we want you to do is to ask that Derby wedding photographer come and bring a whole album to show you his work as a whole. A professional photographer we knew from www.aaronrussellphotography.co.uk let us in about this. We guarantee that all your wedding pictures won’t look like that single picture that mesmerized you.

But a professional will make sure to edit all of them professionally to at least be decent. It’s not necessary for each of them to look magical because it’s reality. The most important part is to capture all the essence of that reality.


The wedding photographer is better to be insured because you are about to bring a guy who works with thousands of dollars’ worth equipment. Things happen at weddings and we cannot dismiss the chances of those things happening at your wedding! The best thing you can do is to prevent those incidents from affecting the party, the guests and the memories you are making on that day.

Even your wedding venue will require your Derby wedding photographer to be insured. They know the risk and they are not about to take it!

So, brides-to-be and grooms-to-be, be sure to hire a wedding photographer with these three qualities. As a matter of fact, you cannot be too careful and we know that you will be able to find a professional photographer this way!

Why Do People Look for ‘Natural’ Wedding Photography?

natural wedding photographyfIt’s probably a question that many photographers ask. There are various photography styles they could have typed, but they chose to use the words natural wedding photography. Remember that these keywords may represent what the clients think as important.

The key here is ‘natural’. They want their photographers to capture wedding pictures that look natural. You can probably guess why they focus on that aspect of a wedding photographer. They have probably seen many wedding pictures which were poorly worked on, causing the people in those pictures to look really awkward. It’s really not the type of picture that you will want to display for others to see.

It’s an important quality

They see that the photographer of their choice must be someone who is professional and captures those pictures without looking awkward. That must prove that there are photographers who are unable to achieve that. As a wedding photographer, it’s a good topic to consider. Your client might have found you from using that keyword and saw that your pictures lived up to the keyword.

You can imagine how it feels to see your wedding pictures looking awkward, instead of the stunning gorgeous pictures you saw initially. Because of that, you have to be able to convince them of your working methods and show your portfolios that you are capable of the task.

Is it natural?

What you think as natural could be different, but basically, most people don’t have that different of an opinion if a picture looks natural or not. We want to invite you to see one of the best natural wedding photography by www.preciousredphotography.co.uk. Pictures by this photographer are so well-taken with all expressions looking as if they were real. And maybe they were!

To be able to capture a picture that moves the heart, it has to be natural. To capture a natural picture is basically similar to capturing a scene that is not made up. The expressions were acts; they were real laughs n smiles from the couples. Those stares were so full of love you could feel them piercing into each other’s hearts.

If you want to capture something, you are tasked to know the couples personally and direct them professionally. The problem here is that these people aren’t professional models and you are tasked to make them basically look like one. However, it is not hard to do if you are someone they trust and love to have around. It gets easier to understand your directions and make corrections if necessary.

Making the session enjoyable in a natural wedding photography is key. You can’t have them feel burdened in having to do their best in having some pictures taken.

You also have the task to use ideas that are not too cheesy for the couple. It has to be something that they enjoy doing for their natural expressions to come out. How do you know? That’s why we recommend that you start establishing a good relationship with them. It’ll let you know how far is too cheesy or what kind of atmosphere or pose they will love doing.

Photography Equipment to Get for Wedding Photography

wedding photographer PeterboroughWhat should a wedding photographer Peterborough prepare for a wedding photography? We can see that you are probably thinking about accepting a wedding photography job for the first time. Or maybe, you are looking forward to starting a photography career and wants to specialize in wedding photography!

Every wedding photographer has his own habits and working methods he’s comfortable with. The same will apply to you as you slowly explore the world of professional photography. There is no fixed rule to how a wedding photographer should bring to a wedding, but we do have hints of where to start!

Camera type

The camera has to be able to process clear and crisp pictures as well as work in various conditions that can happen at a wedding. It has to do well in the dark environment, for reception and night photography, as well as versatile and operates for hours on without having to be charged. You might be referred to certain cameras that most photographers use in other articles, which aren’t wrong.

If you do find yourself wanting to purchase cameras of higher capabilities, or of a different brand, it’s completely fine. So long as it can operate under various conditions and produce proper pictures.

Various lenses

When you enter a wedding, you will be able to see that it’s a field of hunting with different kinds of setups. Sometimes, you are able to sit and aim for a really long time to get the pictures, others are things that happen so quickly before you. Because of that, you are confused as to what kind of lens is best for a wedding photography.

For a wedding photographer Peterborough like www.emmajoyphotography.co.uk, the key is to bring various lenses to the venue. You will need both zoom and prime lenses and later on, will probably see the need to get two of each. Various focus length is the key to getting the pictures at the right sharpness and bokeh. Two prime lenses are especially important as they give better sharpness, but low flexibility.

A zoom lens is useful as you take pictures during the reception party as you can capture things on the go. You also don’t have to worry about distance as you can zoom in and out.

Do not feel obliged to use the lenses that people use. Try them out and see how you like to work with various lenses. Sometimes, you may even want to bring a different set of lenses to the wedding depending on the set and the view.

Formal clothes

The last thing that you will need would be a formal outfit! Obviously, you cannot wear casual to wedding parties as it would be distracting the guests there. As much as possible, make sure that your outfits are formal and respectful of the couples who hired you. If you worry about wearing the same sets all the time, be sure to have a couple of sets ready in your wardrobe!

This is actually a problem even to some professionals. A professional wedding photographer Peterborough may argue that comfort is important. But that is no reason to appear casual and distracting people enjoying the party there!

Photo Booth Features You Should Have

Surrey photo booth hireDo you want to start a Surrey photo booth hire service? It is going to be challenging to think about how far clients expect from your photo booth. It depends, however, on what you aim as well. If you want to become a professional provider, you have arrived at the right place.

Let’s start with camera qualities.

This is no more the time where pictures are so blurry that you can blurry make out the faces of several people in the pictures. This is the year where high-quality pictures can be captured even from our own smartphones. A photo booth should be able to do at least the same quality. Get your photo booth some decent cameras that will be able to capture crystal clear and sharp pictures.

The shape of the photo booth has also gone through various changes. There is no need to force yourself to make a box to take pictures in. If you have unique ideas that people will love to have in their events, do not be too afraid to try. It’s the time where things are customized from room décor, food, clothes, table and flower arrangement and even the photo booth.

For example, there have been a lot of ideas of using a minivan as a photo booth space. Think about it, if you can get yourself a cheap minivan and customize the interior into a vintage looking space, people will line up just to get that service. It’s a cheap and creative approach to a world where differentiation is highly sought out by people.

One good way to learn of a professional Surrey photo booth hire is to learn from the pro. You can check out the photo booth by www.captivephoto.co.uk/surrey-photo-booth-hire. They have some of the best vintage and contemporary photo booth style to be used in various events.

Make sure it is simple for the clients to use. Some people never thought about the maintenance of the booth and simply thought that renting the thing out is enough. There are several risks if you do this. The first risk is property damage by the guests without anyone keeping an eye on it. Your clients don’t want it to happen, but they cannot control every guest. It’s better to have someone from your side to keep an eye.

A butler is what many professionals like to call them.

This really help clients a lot as they don’t have to worry a lot about keeping the photo booth running. The butler has to be well trained in helping guests and watch over the use of the photo booth.

You should also provide the props for the photo booth depending on the need.

You can divide your props into themes the client can choose from. For example, you can allow additional props with a small fee increment, however, make it really worth it to pay extra. Yet, you should remember that props break over time as many guests use them every session.

You might feel like making your clients pay but do consider the ethics in Surrey photo booth hire. If the props are old and it has reached its time, it is better for you to replace it by yourself as your client won’t be too happy with a prop that doesn’t even last their whole event.

Newborn Photography: 4 Real Tips You Can Use

newborn photography Jacksonville FLWe know that many people out there tell you about how newborn photography Jacksonville FL can be done in this and that way. A lot of those tips, though, come from people who are not really professional in newborn photography! You need real tips that will actually work in real life situations!

So, here are 4 tips (there are more!) that you can believe will work for you.

Connect with parents

Clients of newborn photography are always parents. These people want the best for their kids and aside from great pictures, they need to know it’s going to be safe and comfortable for their little one. To appeal to these people, you need to connect with them and be able to show them that you have what they require.

Take them for a tour around your set and show how you usually do your newborn photography. It’s also a good idea to do a commercial video of how you work and a quick interview with it. Make sure it’s not longer than 4-5 minutes if you plan to make one. This will help clients get insight into your working method and be able to talk on the same page as you avoid misunderstandings.

Compare with competitors

The next step would be to compare yourself to competitors. When it comes to newborn photography, the limitation applies from poses to use of props and other equipment. What’s left would be the number of pictures, type of packages and, of course, price. Those are also what clients will like to compare about you from others.

Know your strengths especially when compared to a professional newborn photography Jacksonville FL service by www.jaxphotographer.com. What makes you better than this person? When you know that you cost slightly less, appeal to how clients can get more with your price. Do not emphasize how you are cheaper.

Understand the mothers.

Having your own baby is one of the most miraculous things in life, especially if you are a mother. No one understands the impact or the feeling of delivering a baby like mothers can. The tiredness, energy, hormonal fluctuations and physical appearance changes are all for the sake of that one precious life. As photographers responsible for such a precious thing, you have the burden to deal with the tired mother as well!

Several things you need to note is that mothers can get impatient. That’s why you will tell them that the session is not going to be short, frankly, and if you will provide refreshments during it. Suggest mothers bring toys if they have other children coming over. Give extra patience to these women who’ve given their all.

Learn to be flexible

Not every baby is the same and you will be met with one who seems to cannot comply with most of the poses that others can. You have to always prepare more for each client because you never know what will happen. Yet, you cannot apply the same pose to each of them.

During lifestyle newborn photography Jacksonville FL, flexibility is also necessary. As you work in an unfamiliar room, you’re demanded to improvise and learn how to use whatever props are available.

How to Plan a Family Photography

family portrait photographyAre you planning to get some memorable time captured with your loved ones? Planning them out properly will make the family portrait photography session a lot more fun!

When to do it

The first step is to decide when you want to do it. If you live in a location where looks change as season changes, you should discuss with your family which season is best for some pictures. You can also consult with the family photographer about when is the best time to have pictures taken.

If you have already decided on a place, you can look up for pictures taken there in various season or time of the year. This way, you can take the pictures in a place that is more favorable by your family. It’ll also improve the mood, making the session a lot more enjoyable.

Who should do it

The next question is who the person should be to take the pictures. Now, if you are planning to have a picture of your big family that extends through all the children of your grandfather, the family might already have a family photographer they are used to with. If you’re planning for a family picture with your own family, though, it’s up to you to find one that is suitable for you.

Look for someone professional and seriously care about your family. The photographer has to be someone that you can hang out with for a bit because your whole family will have to later on. The session involves the family listening to the photographer’s advice, including your teenage kids.

You can try looking at some pictures of family portrait photography by www.alijayphotography.com. Those pictures look so nice and warm that you cannot wait to have some taken for yourself, don’t they? That’s also what you need to feel from your photographer.

Getting everyone’s schedule

Remember to have the whole family schedule their time to be available for the photography. It’s best that you let at least half of the day free. Having a whole day off is better to get everyone relaxed for the photography session. Don’t forget to include your pets’ schedule as well!


Next is how you want to look for your photography session. Discuss with your family photographer on the theme of the pictures. It could be formal, casual, playful or something that you and family would love to do. It could even be a football team theme!

Now, after you know the theme that you want to do, it’s important to know the best outfit to wear. Not all family members have clothes of all colors, so be flexible about it. Instead of trying to wear matching colors, you can go with mixing 2 or 3 colors into the outfit. If it’s a formal theme, you can go for a more semi-casual clothing to fit with the set.

Next is to get the family, especially the children, to be comfortable around the photographer. Awkwardness can ruin the mood and may prevent kids from being who they are, which is the whole point of having a family portrait photography done at all.

About Photography Insurance & How It Protects You

wedding photographer LeicesterBecoming a photographer is a huge decision. Your aim is probably to become a known professional in your city, country, or maybe even around the world. The road there can be different from each of us, but the starting point often doesn’t differ that much.

As you work to provide the best wedding photography Leicester, we’d like to help you see why insurance is an important part of your life as a photographer.

Protect your clients and yourself

The purpose of having an insurance is to protect you and whatever is insured. However, people often weight the premium that they have to pay against the chance of it happening. The problem with this is that none of us can ever know when something is going to happen to someone. We don’t even know if tomorrow we’ll break our camera as we drop it on our way home from work!

That’s the whole point why insurance is important. It can cover the damage wherever and whenever it happens. As long as it’s within the premises of the insurance, you’ll get full coverage on your equipment and everything else, be it to replace your lighting, camera or to pay the legal fee on the court.

Your client will also feel the benefit. Before anything, the client can guess that you take your job seriously if you go as far as taking out an insurance. Next thing they know you’re already wrapping up the problems that happened because you’ve got your insurance company to cover it. It keeps the whole experience positive for your client.

A wedding photographer Leicester provider from www.oliverkershawphotography.co.uk explains that having an insurance is the same as making sure your photography career won’t sink in the face of great adversity. You never know when they’ll happen, but you at least have a safety net ready all time.

Various photography insurances

There are many kinds of insurance that a photographer can get. They range from covering the loss, damages or cost to replace your equipment that is already enlisted to covering medical expenses.

BOP, or Business Owner’s Policy, protect your studio, equipment, and all tangible things that are related to your business. It’ll replace and even pay for the expenses to repair your studio and to rent a place to continue your business temporarily in case yours is damaged to the extent it’s not usable.

This policy will also cover the cost of replacing a third party’s injuries or losses caused directly or indirectly by you. If you break one of the expensive decoration at a wedding venue, your insurance company has got your back. If anyone’s injured because they tripped on your tripod, your company will also happily cover the medical expenses for that.

Professional indemnity covers the cost of your ‘reputation’. Say, a client wants to sue and demand compensation because she finds significant flaws in her pictures, you’ll need to prepare the legal fee to fight on the court. Your insurance will cover for that and in the case that you lose, you’ll still be covered for the mandatory compensation.

We don’t wish for anything bad to happen during our wedding photography Leicester session, but we do what we can. And that is to prevent it from getting out of hand and affect us too much.

You Should Be Careful with Wedding Photographers

alternative wedding photographer ScotlandHiring an alternative wedding photographer Scotland for your wedding is an important thing. And that is why you have to be careful when you plan your wedding photography. There are a lot of photographers who aren’t safe to be hired for various reasons.

It’s important to be able to spot the ones that you should avoid to keep the future of your wedding pictures safe.

1. They are expensive

A wedding photographer is expensive, we’ll be blunt about it. There’s no reason for a wedding photographer to offer their service at a rate that is too low; they won’t even be able to make ends meet! The reason lies in the quality that they preserve throughout the years. They maintain that in order to keep their clients satisfied.

2. Never too busy

A professional photographer is never too occupied and take up too many jobs at once. In order to maintain quality, they need to have enough time to focus on one client after another. It’s also the reason why they are not cheap.

You can ask your photographer how many wedding photography he works on every year. It shouldn’t go beyond 60 but shouldn’t be lower than 20-30 either. Too low means that he’s rarely hired and trusted for the job.

3. Real portfolios

Your photographer should also have several portfolios ready for you to look at. These portfolios have to be his real works and there are several ways to prove it. For example, you can see on lianamitrea.com that there’s a blog section. This section is where the alternative wedding photographer Scotland can talk their latest works.

Another way is to ask the photographer to bring even more portfolios when you meet up. This way, you can better judge the style and quality of the photographer based on the overall works, not just on the best.

4. Experience

If what you’re going to do with your wedding is something different than usual, finding someone familiar with the setting is preferred. Have your photographer show you his works on that couple.

Discuss it to see if your photographer can catch up and provide you with the solution and suggestions you like. Experience is also a big factor in determining if he’s prepared to face the worse during your wedding. An experienced and agile photographer is more likely to be ready and help you shot even when troubles come.

5. Contract content

Your photographer has to forge a contract with you. That’s the way you can be sure your photographer is serious and won’t run away. Before you sign the contract, be careful on the content of it.

There can be lots of fine prints spread out across the contract. If there’s anything you’re not clear about, ask and discuss it with your photographer. Only sign the contract once you can agree to the agreements and conditions in it.

Do not feel pressured to sign the contract just because it’s in front of you. If you know that the content isn’t as you’ve agreed and wanted, have the courage to reject and negotiate again. Or simply walk out and find a better alternative wedding photographer Scotland.

Wedding Photographer Facts You Don’t Know

wedding photographer BillericayBefore you start making decisions and conclusions on who should be your wedding photographer, there are several facts that we’d like to show. Most likely, you don’t know these and this will be your first-time figuring them out. Many couples don’t even get to know them until they’ve got their wedding pictures.

Others figure them out when they’re already on the court. We don’t want you to experience this with your wedding photographer Billericay.

The contract is tricky

There might be statements in the contract that aren’t as clear as both of you have discussed. Because of this, you need to pay real attention when reading the content. You may appear distrusting if you take too long, but it can’t be helped. When you’re trying to figure out if the photographer is going to try to slip out just because of the lack of a single word there, you’ll take time.

Be sure that you ask the photographer when there are things that you don’t understand. Make sure the content is clear for you and clarify everything regarding it.

Who’ll be your man?

Who’s going to come and shoot all the pictures? Naturally, we’d think the guy that accompany us as we sign the contract to be the one as our photographer. We’ve discussed lots of things and even expressed our preference and everything. But don’t be shocked when you see an unknown guy show up to be the photographer.

This happens really often in the real world. Some couples went to sue their photographer for this unprofessional conduct. Some send their assistant for engagement photography, others do it to their wedding photography. But if you hire your wedding photographer Billericay from www.chriswoodmanphotography.co.uk, you definitely don’t have to worry about that.

It’s important to have the lead photographer be responsible because the angle and result of pictures will definitely differ a lot. There’s no turning back once the event is over and you’ll just have to deal with whatever is shoved to you.

How will the owner be decided?

Per the regulation, the real owner of the wedding pictures is the person that took them. Meaning, your photographer is the owner of the wedding pictures he took. So, because you paid for the photography package, those pictures will automatically become yours when they’re handed to you, or at least so you think.

That’s not how things work, unfortunately. You’re only paying for the service to take the pictures, not the copyright to them. If you want to become the owner, you have to buy or somehow have the photographer hand them over to you.

The right to speak up

Some photographers put it in the contract that their clients will not be able to sound their discomfort or dissatisfaction with using their service. You’re not allowed to complain about what’s handed to you. This sounds like a ridiculous thing and it actually is! Courts are likely to rule you the winner if you’re faced with such condition.

Yet, when you read the contract, it’s the sign of something fishy and risky. While the wedding photographer Billericay might have been a professional, it’s always a good thing to be careful about.