Preserve Your Digital Memories as a Wedding Photographer Kent With These Steps

wedding photographer KentTaking pictures as a wedding photographer Kent has become a thousand times easier because we now have access to mobile phones with great cameras as well as digital cameras too. Smartphone photography has made it easier to take wedding photos on the go and capture beautiful moments in time. With all these technologies we hardly ever print pictures anymore.

Pictures are mostly stored on our digital devices and on memory cards. The question is this, what will you do when you lose all your data? The pictures are gone forever. This is what I dread the most, I have actually experienced it before and it wasn’t a pleasant experience.

It sure wouldn’t be funny to lose pictures of weddings you have taken over a long period of time. I have come up with a few tips on how to preserve your digital memories as a wedding photographer Kent. Let’s check them out in the next few paragraphs.

Have a professional photo shoot

Due to the access, we have to mobile phones and digital cameras which all have inbuilt storages and are compatible with memory cards, we tend to take photos ourselves for leisure. A proven fact is that we take more pictures now more than ever. It shouldn’t be strange to you, especially with the kind of gadgets being developed and placed on the market daily. However, when you have an event you want to keep in your memory for a lifetime, rather than depend on your mobile devices, opt for a professional photo shoot.

Tow the old school path

Printing pictures has become an old school affair. People would rather take pictures and post them online or leave them on their phones. As enticing as this can be, it makes a lot of sense to go old school with memories that you want to keep for a very long time. Having hard copies of your pictures means you have your memories in your hand for the rest of your life.

Have multiple backups

This is one of the best ways to preserve your digital memories. There are three major ways to do this. You can put one in the cloud, leave another on your phone, and produce hard copies of the pictures. This way you have the pictures safeguarded against any form of eventuality.

Ensure someone close to you can access the pictures

A fraction of people, actually 16%, believe that members of the families or people close to them are bound not to have access to their pictures 50 years into the future. It is important that you leave instructions to someone close to you on how to access these photos just in case you are not available at the time they are needed.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article and this article has been helpful to you in finding a wedding photographer Kent like Penny Young Photography.

Learning from Your Past Mistakes as a Newcastle Wedding Photographer

Newcastle wedding photographerAs a Newcastle wedding photographer, it is normal to make some mistakes along the way. All you need to do is keep practicing and never surrender no matter what. This will help you grow both as a professional photographer and as a human being.

A mistake is something normal to be done, but you need to make sure that you only fall for that mistake once. Repeating the same mistake over and over again doesn’t only show that you don’t learn, but also that you actually don’t care. This is really bad precedence for your career as a professional wedding photographer.

The best experience you could possibly have is the one letting you grow as a person. That being said, having a bad experience doesn’t necessarily mean a bad thing as long as you could learn from it and make it as your best teacher. This lets you to learn why such experience existed and what you could do to prevent the same situation reoccurring in the future.

There are a few tips on how to bounce back after a mistake. These tips are developed to help you get through every mistake you make and take a lesson or two from past mistakes. The tips are as follow:

Learn what to do with things that didn’t work – in every photoshoot session, you would find things that work and those that simply don’t. It is a great thing to take a lesson from everything that didn’t work the last time so that you could make it work if there’s any chance to meet the same situation again. When you are able to point out things that didn’t work and the solution you could apply to such a situation to prevent it from reoccurring in the future, you would be a better person than the one you used to be. You get to learn which poses are great for a wedding photoshoot and which aren’t, so that you could give more accurate recommendations of poses in your future photography gigs.

Keep practicing – to allow you to grasping the best lesson out of your bad experience, it is essential for you to regularly review your work to find things that didn’t work out. This could help you to be more consistent in avoiding any past mistakes from reoccurring in the future. In addition, doing a regular review over your work will allow you to practice much more often, hence you’ll have better skills at a faster pace. By doing this, as a Newcastle wedding photographer you’ll find out that different photoshoot session comes with different stories, thus different things working out, and not, as well. In the end, you’ll be able to develop your own formula to be successful in taking perfect shots in any occassion you’re in.

As a Newcastle wedding photographer, the best thing you could do is to learn from your past mistake and bounce back a champion. You may contact Darren Irwin Photography for more tips on how you could learn from your mistakes.

Reasons a Couple Might Consider to Not Hire a Wedding Photographer Adelaide

Weddings are special events held to celebrate the union of two individuals.

wedding photographer AdelaideThe wedding is not something that is experienced on a daily basis. As a matter of fact, it is expected to be a one-off event in the life of individuals. With the one-off nature, it is detriment that as the moments occur, they are captured as there won’t be another opportunity for that.

Now, with the fleeting moments that will come and go, having someone on ground to capture the moments as they occur is very important. Things like the first kiss, the first dance, the walk down the aisle, the exchange of vows, the exchange of rings are very important. Once they occur, there is no going back or rewinding. As such, quick hands that are skilled at the camera are needed to capture them.

But, when it comes to wedding memories, there are still a few couples not quite fond of the prospect of hiring a professional wedding photographer Adelaide. There are a lot of reasons for that. These are listed below:


One major reason why couples might shun the idea of getting a professional wedding photographer to cover the event of the day depends on the cost. There are different categories of photographers and each of them has a specific price tag ascribed them. Photography services are definitely not cheap but not a lot of couples have the necessary budget to be able to cover its cost.

With the thought of paying a significant amount of money at the back of their mind, the couples totally shun the idea of getting a professional. In turn, they decide to focus on family and friends to help in capturing the relevant images of their day. This should not be the case.

In wedding photography, if you look hard enough there are different service providers who will be able to provide relevant services according to what you can afford. However, this in then requires the preparation of a sensible budget.


Another reason why couples might opt not to hire a professional wedding photographer Adelaide extends to the closeness or knowledge they feel the photographer will have of them. The often given excuse is that “a photographer is a stranger who knows nothing about the couple and their lives.” But, if it is a close friend taking the images of the day, he or she already knows what the couple likes and is in a better position to achieve this.

However, this is another matter that can easily be dealt with. Photographers encourage clients to have consultations with them so they can gain enough information about what they want for their wedding images and also gain a better understanding of their likes. Being familiar with someone ultimately does not affect the results. At the end of the day, it is skill that triumphs. The skill of the photographer is what brings out the best images or the worst images and not their intimate knowledge of the couple

For more information on the wedding photographer Adelaide, visit Panache Weddings

Why is Toning Important for the Photographer Dundee?

photographer DundeeA very important, but easily forgotten essential in photo editing is toning. Split toning is an editing technique that gives your pictures more blows. It’s how a photographer Dundee can turn a great picture to an awesome and inspiring shot to display.

What is split toning and how does one apply it properly?

More than white balancing

The first ‘split toning’ you can do on your pictures is to adjust the white balance. It gives off a yellow sepia tone that makes the scene warmer or cyan, a blue tone that is cool to look at. But most of the time, white balance affects the whole pictures – everything will look either yellow or blue. This is just the first step and you’re not done with toning.

Lightroom split toning

The next step is to use split toning on Adobe Lightroom. Here, you can see a few options that affect the shadow and highlight colors. Sliding the bar allows you to choose which color you want to emphasize, how saturated it should be and how much highlight or shadow is shown.

Highlights refer to the brighter color, so in black and white, it refers to the part that is brighter. Shadows refer to darker tones, or usually the shadow of objects in the pictures.

There are many ways you can go around and edit your pictures with split toning, it’s up to what kind of mood you want to show. But let us show what you can do with toning a simple, contrasting black and white picture. It’s also heavily important that you don’t just slap pictures as black and white without toning them as a photographer Dundee.


Hover the hue bar to the yellow part and increase the saturation to up to 70. You can begin to see how the picture is getting a warm tone on it. Depending on the context, it can also give a vintage vibe to the picture.

If you want to go for a cooler tone, you can hover to light blue or cyan color to get that aquatic vibe. This makes the picture looks cool and calm.


As for shadows, move over to dark blue or navy color to give the shadow a little bit of color, but not too much that it’s horrendous to look at.

Additionally, some people prefer to only work on either the highlight or the shadows because they think using both is overkill. It really depends on what you like to do and which style works better for you.


There is no one correct way to edit, so make sure to explore all the possible tones you can do with your pictures. They are very simple and easy to use, but a photographer Dundee can make his pictures look 10x better and more impactful by giving the right tone, much like the pictures taken by Angus Forbes Photography.

The key to toning is to understand what kind of mood do you want to see in the picture. And to go in moderation with toning. It’s also important to stop when you feel like it’s enough. You can opt to download raw pictures to practice your photo editing skills.

Reasons Why the Derby Wedding Photographer Needs to Be Hired on Time

Derby wedding photographerThe job of the Derby wedding photographer is not as easy as it seems. At first glance, you see an individual pointing cameras at subjects and objects then capturing the image. But, there is a lot more involved than pointing and shooting.

Post-production work takes place after the actual images have been shot. The photographer will likely spend hours going through the shots taken at a wedding to choose the best ones and to also work on those that need improvement.

Now, chances are if your wedding is on the horizon, you will be needing the help of the wedding photographer to capture the images. If that is you, then it is advisable that you get to hiring as soon as possible. There are several reasons behind the need to hire as early as you can. They are explained below:


Most wedding photographers get booked as early as 6 months before an actual wedding. This is because the services of professional photographers are highly sought after. Couples know the importance of their wedding memories and how if left to anyone, it might not come up to their expectations.

Due to early bookings or bookings in advance, chances are when you decide to hire the photographer, a few weeks to the wedding, you might end up with someone you do not like and you do not want to end up settling for second best.


Another reason why you have to hire the services of the Derby wedding photographer early is due to the style of photographs you want to get taken. Most couples are not aware of the fact that different photography styles exist. From documentary, traditional, reportage, candid, natural and so many more. When you start the search for a photographer, you will realize that each one has their own unique specialization.

If you prefer a certain style, then it is important that you start the search as early as possible. Like they say, the early bird gets the worm.

Short notice

The truth is no photographer likes to be put on the edge or work with tension. That is what usually happens when clients approach them on short notice. Most people say the ability to work under pressure is one of the indicators/makings of a good photographer. But, that is not always the case.

Photographers like to plan their method of approach when it comes to weddings. They would prefer to have a proper consultation with you to find out your needs, they would like you to take a look at previous works they’ve done and get your opinion as to how you want yours to differ, also, they prefer scouting the wedding location before hand to know the tools they will need to prepare before venturing there. But, if you approach them on short notice, chances are these things might not get done and the photographer has to operate with conditions he or she would have preferred not to.

For more on the derby wedding photographer and their uniqueness, visit Aaron Russell.

Valuable Benefits of Hiring a Wedding Photographer Hampshire

wedding photographer HampshireOne thing that is common when it comes to special events is the memories that are created. We all go about living out daily lives focused on surviving till the next day. Sometimes, we are so busy that we let the little moments slip by us.

With the avenue of special events, we are able to unwind, let go and reconnect with our fellow humans. However, the thing about special events is that they don’t occur often. They are things that are celebrated once in a while like birthdays, anniversaries, promotions and weddings.

It only goes without saying that these moments should be recorded so they don’t slip away from us like most things in our daily lives. For the couple who is going to walk down the aisle a few months from now, this would be the perfect moment to gain more insight as to how the services of a wedding photographer Hampshire would be of great use to them.

Wedding photographers like any other professional have their own use. An accountant’s job is to help you collate information about the financial activities of an organization or the individual he works for. The job of a librarian is to keep stock of the books in a library and make recommendations to book readers. The job of a teacher is to broaden the minds of students and teach them things they would need to make them a success in life.

From these examples, it is clear to see that each profession has a targeted audience. Also, their particular skill set is aimed at solving a problem. The same thing applies for a wedding photographer.

The job of a wedding photographer exists because of weddings. Most couples get married once in their lifetime and they need someone who understands the importance of this special day to them to help record the memories. Without the help of a wedding photographer some of these memories created will not be smartly captured.

Other benefits of the Wedding Photographer Hampshire include:

  • Style

Some of you might not be aware of the fact that Wedding Photography is not just a matter of pointing a camera at a moment and shooting. It also goes beyond having a group of people pose in front of a camera and say cheese. Wedding Photography comes in different forms and styles. There is natural wedding photography, fine art wedding photography, documentary wedding photography etc. These different styles are not easy to replicate by the average human.

  • Reliability

When you hire true services of a wedding photographer, one things is certain and that is their presence at your wedding is to solely capture your special moment and nothing else. This means every moment, every action and every memory will be their job to capture on camera. Since they are aware that this is their job, they go all out to ensure they achieve it.

They already have a different mindset from your other wedding guests who are just there to help you celebrate the moment. Since the wedding guests are there to help you celebrate, then do not expect them to be wholly focused on capturing the moment for you seeing as they would also want to partake in the fun. The role of a wedding photographer Hampshire like Martin Bell Photography is already different from theirs.

What a Documentary Wedding Photographer Might Do Wrong

Experience tells a lot about a photographer.

Dundee photographerThe more experiences you have, the more likely people will trust in your skills if positive reviews come with it. But even so, there are things that a documentary wedding photographer could be doing wrong their whole life! Don’t be surprised just because these people had rarely got any negative reactions.

Clients are not experienced people and all they know is to judge how you perform on their wedding day and the results of the pictures. They wouldn’t know if you could’ve done things better, but here, we’ll tell you how.

Stay true to your style

Many people think that documentary style is all about being candid and turning pictures into black and white. If that’s how it is, a lot of documentary wedding photographers would be stuck with the exact same type of pictures! That’s absolutely not the way.

Do not throw away your style of photography and do something that makes you stand out from others. You are not just another documentary wedding photographer and if you can show something different, you will be able to make a name that no others can follow. It could be incorporating light painting photography or other types of genre.

Know the plan

It’s also very important that you know the plan of the day. That will help you understand what you need to do and where you should be positioned at when you want to take pictures of your client. This is also because you don’t get to script how the day should go by because that would make it look unnatural. If you know, for example, where the couple will stand and how they will pose, you’ll know where to shoot.

A professional documentary wedding photographer, Catherine Pound, goes to help with the rehearsal of the wedding. This lets her know how her clients plan for the day and it’ll help her plan for the day. She’ll know where to go and stand to get the best wedding pictures.

Create a storybook

In documentary style, your clients will love it if you can make a storybook style of their wedding album. That is a very well-preferred style of wedding album for many clients because it’s a documentary. One way you can make a storybook is to make sure that you attend their wedding rehearsal to capture the days before their wedding.

Some photographers plan as far as taking pictures of their couple way before the wedding as well. This adds up something different in their wedding album and a very nostalgic mood to it.

Carry less

Every wedding photographer has their own style, but a good wedding photographer is a type that doesn’t let himself be dragged down with heavy equipment. Carry less with you when you work around the wedding hall to reduce unwanted attention. You will also be able to move around and take pictures with agility.

As a documentary wedding photographer, you are given the honor to record a history in someone’s precious life. That alone is a heavy responsibility, but you can do it better with our advice here!

3 Qualities of a Wedding Photographer Leicester

wedding photographer LeicesterYour wedding day happens only once in your lifetime. You cannot rewind it, and you cannot recreate it. It is an overwhelming day that is filled with the most important people in your life, who came to celebrate with you as you commit yourself to a life of marriage. Of course, you wouldn’t want anything to go wrong with your big day, but if there is one thing that needs to be perfect, it is your wedding photography, created by the best wedding photographer Leicester ever produced. You can afford to run out of wine, or have fewer flowers than expected, and you can even survive with a missing sick bridesmaid, or an unruly little flower girl, but you cannot, in any circumstance, not have perfect wedding photographs.

Top three qualities that a wedding photographer must have

In your special day, the cake and food will be eaten, the guests will come and go, even your old relatives will pass on to the next life someday, and your beautiful dress may get outdated and rusty, but it is the priceless wedding photographs that will remain unchanged forever. Exquisite, timeless wedding photographs can be created in the expert hands of a wedding photographer Leicester is proud of. Oliver Kershaw Photography is definitely a great wedding photographer equipped with the top qualities that you should look for when you decide to hire for a wedding photographer.


For your extraordinary wedding day, you need to hire a professional wedding photographer who is deeply passionate about the photography craft. Sincere passion drives experienced wedding photographers to excel in their line of work, to seek for other means necessary to further enhance their skills and to continue to innovate their photography style to perfection. An extremely passionate wedding photographer thrives on creativity and imagination to create gorgeous wedding photographs that you will forever be happily proud of.

Technical competency

A professional wedding photographer Leicester has to offer is highly skilled in the technical aspects of the photography equipment, like the cameras, lenses, and lighting. There will always be a back-up equipment in case the primary cameras unluckily malfunction on the day of the wedding. The best wedding photographer with a keen eye for detail has technically studied the equipment thoroughly, undoubtedly testing everything and is highly confident that the best features of the expensive photography equipment will be put to good use.


To be able to expertly produce exceptionally magnificent wedding photos, the wedding photographer Leicester reviewed to be the best must have empathy. The ability to understand what you feel, what you need, and what moments to capture is an invaluable quality that your chosen wedding photographer need to have in order to smoothly document your big day, capturing crucial moments that are essential to your wedding heirloom of photographs. A wedding photographer who is in tune with your thoughts and feelings will know exactly what precious moments to freeze, what angle to shoot, what secret smile to capture, and when to stop time and capture those remarkable genuine moments of pure happiness and love.

Hire a Derby Wedding Photographer with This Quality

Derby wedding photographerSo, does that Derby wedding photographer qualify to be a professional? More importantly, does that photographer qualify to be someone who will work well with and for you? The issue with wedding photographers is that you are not just hiring someone who knows how to take pictures. You also want that someone to know how you want things to be done.

But, note that this is not the same as giving them a shotlist. In fact, if you are considering about creating a long shotlist filled with 70 things to shoot, you might want to reconsider that. A professional wedding photographer cannot appreciate someone that basically tell them what to shoot throughout the whole day. You hired a pro not to tell them what they should and shouldn’t do as a photographer.

Has the experience

First, that photographer should have enough experience as a wedding photographer. And we’re not saying one or two experience, but much more than that, to show that the photographer knows what he’s doing. It prevents a photographer from being panic and taking too much time to think of the best way to handle problems.

You will also be able to see better the style of the photographer through various different works in different venues. Coincidentally you can see if there’s a specific wedding that may have a similar theme or done in the same venue as yours. You can better see the photographer’s style and even ask him about the place!

Consistent quality

Every photographer will start with showing you the best works they ever did to impress you. But it’s often not something that shows the photographer’s true quality. This is what every wedding photographer look to you at the beginning.

What we want you to do is to ask that Derby wedding photographer come and bring a whole album to show you his work as a whole. A professional photographer we knew from let us in about this. We guarantee that all your wedding pictures won’t look like that single picture that mesmerized you.

But a professional will make sure to edit all of them professionally to at least be decent. It’s not necessary for each of them to look magical because it’s reality. The most important part is to capture all the essence of that reality.


The wedding photographer is better to be insured because you are about to bring a guy who works with thousands of dollars’ worth equipment. Things happen at weddings and we cannot dismiss the chances of those things happening at your wedding! The best thing you can do is to prevent those incidents from affecting the party, the guests and the memories you are making on that day.

Even your wedding venue will require your Derby wedding photographer to be insured. They know the risk and they are not about to take it!

So, brides-to-be and grooms-to-be, be sure to hire a wedding photographer with these three qualities. As a matter of fact, you cannot be too careful and we know that you will be able to find a professional photographer this way!

Why Do People Look for ‘Natural’ Wedding Photography?

natural wedding photographyfIt’s probably a question that many photographers ask. There are various photography styles they could have typed, but they chose to use the words natural wedding photography. Remember that these keywords may represent what the clients think as important.

The key here is ‘natural’. They want their photographers to capture wedding pictures that look natural. You can probably guess why they focus on that aspect of a wedding photographer. They have probably seen many wedding pictures which were poorly worked on, causing the people in those pictures to look really awkward. It’s really not the type of picture that you will want to display for others to see.

It’s an important quality

They see that the photographer of their choice must be someone who is professional and captures those pictures without looking awkward. That must prove that there are photographers who are unable to achieve that. As a wedding photographer, it’s a good topic to consider. Your client might have found you from using that keyword and saw that your pictures lived up to the keyword.

You can imagine how it feels to see your wedding pictures looking awkward, instead of the stunning gorgeous pictures you saw initially. Because of that, you have to be able to convince them of your working methods and show your portfolios that you are capable of the task.

Is it natural?

What you think as natural could be different, but basically, most people don’t have that different of an opinion if a picture looks natural or not. We want to invite you to see one of the best natural wedding photography by Pictures by this photographer are so well-taken with all expressions looking as if they were real. And maybe they were!

To be able to capture a picture that moves the heart, it has to be natural. To capture a natural picture is basically similar to capturing a scene that is not made up. The expressions were acts; they were real laughs n smiles from the couples. Those stares were so full of love you could feel them piercing into each other’s hearts.

If you want to capture something, you are tasked to know the couples personally and direct them professionally. The problem here is that these people aren’t professional models and you are tasked to make them basically look like one. However, it is not hard to do if you are someone they trust and love to have around. It gets easier to understand your directions and make corrections if necessary.

Making the session enjoyable in a natural wedding photography is key. You can’t have them feel burdened in having to do their best in having some pictures taken.

You also have the task to use ideas that are not too cheesy for the couple. It has to be something that they enjoy doing for their natural expressions to come out. How do you know? That’s why we recommend that you start establishing a good relationship with them. It’ll let you know how far is too cheesy or what kind of atmosphere or pose they will love doing.