What London Wedding Photographers Should Know

Never run out of memory space

wedding photographerProfessional London wedding photographers will never allow themselves to run out of memory space or batteries. Memory space and batteries are your major lifelines as a wedding photographers and running out of either one can easily take a disastrous turn for the wedding photo shoot that you are trying to bring together. The thing with memory cards and batteries is the fact that they are fairly easy to take care of. For as long as you go ahead and prep well enough for the wedding shoot up ahead, you will surely never run out of either one. Pack in more than enough memory cards that you will ever need when it all comes down to it. Make sure that those memory cards are always in top shape and that they are always well maintained by routinely wiping data off of them after every single use. As for your batteries, make sure that they are all fully charged at least a day before the wedding. If you can bring some spares along just in case, that would be even better. Bring your charger with you so that you can charge the batteries that do run out while you are on location.

Stay within scope of work

Another thing that you should try to keep tabs of is that London wedding photographers usually stay well within the perimeters of their scope of work. You do not have to end up bring all over the place or end up spreading yourself way too thin just so that you will be able to go ahead and satisfy your clients. Try to remind yourself about the scope of the work that you need to do as a wedding photographer again and again whenever you are caught up somewhere that leaves you a bit confused about whether you should cater to a client’s or a guest’s requests or not. If it is not something that you are paid to do or if it is not a part of your job description, there is no need for you to go above and beyond for it. Set some limits. This will make it easier for people to recognize the fact that you are a professional wedding photographer and the fact that there are indeed some perimeters or boundaries that come along in your line of work. They most likely like you enough already. You do not have to go overboard with things just to get them to like you that much as a wedding photographer.

Get out of the way as much as possible.

This is a trick that has worked for London wedding photographers for the longest time possible. The less people notice you, the more effective you will turn out to be as a professional wedding photographer and this is something that you should continue to aim for as much as possible. Minimize your equipment. Dress up like how the rest of the other guests are dressed up. Try to minimize the usage of flash so that you don’t end up calling attention to yourself every time you take a shot.

Wedding Photographer Secrets To Getting Your Groove On

Go through the motions of really dressing up the right way.

wedding photographyPresentation may not be all there is to being a wedding photographer by profession, it sure does come up with a very important aspect: first impressions. More often than not, the guests aka potential clients attending the weddings that you shoot don’t really have the time to get you checked out for who you are, what your particular photography style is, whether you speak 5 languages or not, and so on and so forth. You will always be judged primarily on the way you look and then they will sort of take it from there if they would like to know more about you. You need to make sure that you get to emblazon professionalism and efficiency in their minds the moment that they get to set their eyes on you with the camera in hand. The way that you dress is the most effective business card you could ever hand out to potential clients. Make it a point to look sharp and professional at all times. Keep it simple but stylish. Go for something that is impressive and workable all at the same time.

Always get a contract set in place.

It will protect you and what you do as a wedding photographer. A contract is something that will really get to formalize your deal with your upcoming wedding photography clients and this is something that you will really be able to gain a level of security from when it all comes down to it. Make sure that all of your agreements and deals are documented through well written contracts at the end of the day. Get the advice of a contract lawyer to help you out when you are drafting up your contract. You can go ahead and check out the ready made templates available on the internet. Try to change it based on what will fit your wedding photography deal the most. Although there are templates you can make use of, you still need to consult a lawyer for something like this because this is not something that you will simply be able to do all on your own.

There is no shame in outsourcing.

If you know that it is something that you are struggling with, don’t force it. Outsource it. If there is a particular aspect in your career as a wedding photographer that you do not really know how to manage, such as how to balance your accounting books, for example. It’s really quite alright if you want to rely on the experts to get the job done for you at the end of the day. There really is nothing wrong with that and as a professional, you should know well enough the things that you can do and the things that you cannot do. There are lots and lots of sites out there that will allow you to reach out to capable professionals in different industries all across the globe and you probably won’t have to meet them in person either.

How to Be Invisible as a Wedding Photographer

Go under the radar

wedding photographyWhen you are out and about covering weddings, you need to make sure that you don’t become all that “visible” as a professional  wedding photographer. This means that you should go out of your way to really go under the radar as much as possible. Don’t let people notice you or your presence all that much because this can really get in the way of things especially when you are trying to get some shots done in at some point or so. When people don’t notice you all that much, you can move around as frequently and as fast as you would like to without ever feeling awkward or without feeling ill at ease during the process. This is something that you should always try to aim for, if you can attain it.

No heads up

One thing that can really help you out as a  wedding photographer is by not giving people a heads up that you are prepping up to take that shot. This means that you should go out of your way to make your shots can did as much as possible. When things are staged and posed for all of the time, it can take away the authenticity of the moment as well as fail to capture the rawness of the emotions that you are trying to capture when it all comes down to it. It can really help you out a lot when people aren’t posing for you all of the time. You have to understand that some people aren’t that comfortable around a camera. Some people might attempt to cringe or run away when they notice a camera aimed at them and this is never something that produces great looking shots. You should always go for something more spontaneous and something that people won’t really be able to refuse at the end of the day. Some people might look up and get startled, giving them that classic Bambi deer in the headlights look. That look is never flattering for anyone so try to avoid it as much as possible.

Minimize your gear

Another great way for you to minimize the attention that you might end up attracting as a  wedding photographer is for you to aim for a minimized gear when you are carrying it around with you all of the time. Carry only the things that you absolutely need during that particular moment. If you need it in the shots that you are taking, then by all means, go ahead and carry it. However, if you think that there is something that you can do away with in the meantime, then perhaps you should try to see if you could set it down for a bit. You don’t have to bring everything around with you when you are covering the wedding. Clunky photography equipment can call attention to yourself and this is something that you should try go avoid at all times. Make sure that you use a camera strap as well so that you don’t have to hold everything by hand all of the time.

Why Wedding Photographers Need to Enroll in Photography Courses

Get additional education or formal training.

weddingsMost people might have some opinions or even disputes about the aspect of wedding photographers getting additional education or some kind of formal training. They think at some point or so, it’s kind of unnecessary. After all, why go to school for something that you are already doing on a daily basis? The thing is, it’s so much more than that. Photography courses give wedding photographers the kind of edge that they need in order for them to not only survive and barely scrape by but to also thrive in the ever small dipping pool that almost all of the other wedding photographers out there are trying to get a hand in. When wedding photographers have some kind of formal training or technical background, the kind of work that they get to produce is visibly better compared to all the rest. More than that, the job gets easier when you know what particular things to target instead of just aiming random shots out in the air without any particular focus. Formal training in photography will teach you how to work smart, not hard. That’s important given the fact that time and energy are two of the most precious commodities for wedding photographers.

Know the basics and step by step

The first reason why a photography course is absolutely necessary for wedding photographers in general is because it will lay down all of the basics that you need to learn about, depending on the kind of course that you enroll yourself in. You go through a careful and step by step learning process that is based off of a carefully and meticulously planned out syllabus, written by fellow wedding photographers who are far more experienced and knowledgeable than you are. This is the perfect backdrop for you to have all of the right basics that you will be able to eventually embellish and add on to as time goes by.

Gain edge over others

A photography course is also perfect as a way for wedding photographers to gain some kind of edge over the rest of the competition. This is particularly true when you are applying for high end jobs for wedding photographers. For some reason, people tend to get more impressed when you are formally trained or credentialed as a wedding photographer. This means that what you lack in years and years of experience might still be coped with based on what photography courses you have finished somewhere down the road and you actually get a better shot at nabbing the job involved compared to the other wedding photographers who have not gone through the same training.

Understand intricacies of elements

A photography course will help you better understand the different intricacies of the elements involved in what wedding photographers do on a daily basis. You don’t end up flying in blind and just playing things by ear and learning about them as you go along. You get to have actual theoretical instructions and knowledge before you actually go out to the real world or you might find out about some things that you are currently wrong that you can immediately correct. That kind of knowledge bank is precious.


How Wedding Photographers Can Schedule Posts Ahead of Time

wedding photographersIt can be quite tough for busy wedding photographers to always be on top of things especially when it comes to social media. It is something that requires daily posting and constant attention as well especially when you are trying to look into improving your follower engagement. It can turn out to at times be a bit exhausting to keep up with the daily social media posts but this is a requirement that you need to satisfy if you would like to keep your head in the game.

Get ahead of the game

The competition can be tough and there are a lot of other wedding photographers who are more advanced in terms of skill, experience, as well as social media presence. You will be wasting time if you don’t try to keep up or even at times get ahead of the game. Although this may be true and although this is something that people can more or less understand, the fact remains that it is not the easiest thing to accomplish. You will need to make sure that you are able to continuously pump your social media feed with high quality content on a daily basis, even during the times wherein you have weddings booked back to back. This can be a bit hard especially if you happen to be out of town or you happen to be stranded off to some remote location with no cell service for the weekend.

Schedule using a software program

This is something that you can easily remedy through a software program that will enable you to schedule your social media posts well ahead of time. This means that you can set everything up in just one sitting. You can schedules your posts for the entire week, the entire month, or the entire year. Whatever works for you is quite possible with these software programs that allow wedding photographers a more holistic approach to the way that they get to manage their social media profiles at the end of the day. It may not seem like much but it is certainly something that you will be able to appreciate a lot the moment that your tasks start piling on and the moment you start booking weddings back to back. As a professional wedding photographer, you should understand that most wedding photographers don’t operate alone. They always get some help one way or the other. This is the perfect way for you to take a load off of the tasks that you need to do with your social media profiles so that you will be able to grow it and so that you will eventually get a fairly strong following that can turn out to really extend your brand and make more potential clients in the long run.

Check messages manually

This is a kind of approach that will get to ensure activity in your social media profiles without stressing you out too much in the process. You need to manually check your messages as well as any other updates though. But at least, you get to take care of the daily posts right then and there.