WordPress Support for Photographers: 3 Elements You Need to Create a Site

wordpress support for photographersWordPress is a an extremely popular content management system that helps build websites. It offers a wide range of options in terms of customisations and add-ons. It is also a great tool to showcase photography as it offers great wordpress support for photographers .

WordPress is an easy way to build a brand for your photography online without having to be an expert in website building and/or coding. There are plenty of options to create your personalised site (most are even free), and here are a few elements that will help with photography in particular:


WordPress has a huge amount of themes and templates, both free and premium. These themes are ready-made, so all you have to do is tweak the settings and add content. You can also get themes tailor-made for your business which can elevate the content even more. Make sure to use the themes to complement the photography. The styles should work perfectly in tandem to create a polished and visually attractive product, a true display of your work. Personalise the themes to stand out from the crowd. Keep an eye on what the themes offer in terms of add-ons and integration, such as plugins and links to social media. Some even allow the option to have multiple galleries to organise and showcase your work to even more effect. This is the best kind of wordpress support for photographers .


Selling your photography is a great way to increase profit and to get your work out to widespread clients. This will also boost the professional look of your WordPress site, as well as your reputation as an established and experienced photographer. There are plenty of options to integrate ecommerce into your WordPress site. Some plugins are even specifically catered to photographers looking to sell images. This option also allows you full control and distribution rights over your work without any third parties having to get involved. You can talk directly to the buyers without any interference, and you can see exactly what your clients are looking to purchase and what most appeals to them. There are plenty of options for integrating ecommerce into your WordPress site, from various plugins to quite a few extensions.


WordPress is one of the best tools to use in order to take full advantage of the huge bonus of Search Engine Optimisation. Not only can you use specific keywords in the text parts throughout the site, but you can also specific and unique tags and titles on your photographs so that they will also be found by search engines despite being images. There are also plenty of SEO plugins available for your site, as well as plenty of options to index your site as perfectly as you can, which optimises your ranking in search results.

WordPress and photography businesses are a perfect match. There is a great deal of wordpress support for photographers, and many ways to take advantage of it. To get the best out of your WordPress site, visit MyPhotoCTO.

What You Need to Know About SEO for Photographers

SEO for photographersWhen you decide to create a new website to display your works, there are certain things you need to bear in mind. Some of these things include the type of platform you will be using to launch the website, the domain name and the composition of the website. Another thing you need to bear in mind is SEO for photographers.

SEO refers to search engine optimization. It plays a very important role in determining the visibility which your website is bound to get once it launches. Visibility helps you gain traffic to your website and most of the visitor to your website can eventually turn into actual paying customers. However, visibility is directly related to how well you rank on search engines such as Google and Yahoo.

Therefore, to help you improve your chances of attracting traffic to your site, one thing you need to work on is the SEO. Below, we have listed out certain tips that should come in handy to improve the visibility of your site. They are:

  • The Use of Alt Tags and Titles

You might be uploading beautiful images of your work on your website but the truth is Google does not understand images. An interested individual who needs photography services has to type in a query on Google and results will be brought out. However, these results have nothing to do with images. What Google uses to bring them out are alt tags.

Alt tags are a form of descriptions for images. They are literal translations of the content of an image. This makes it easier for Google to bring about results in line with search queries of web users. Without the presence of alt tags, images might be very well non-existent on search pages.

Just imagine a potential wedding client has begun preparations for her wedding days and she needs the service of a photographer. She makes use of certain keywords to run a search. Since you utilized keywords to describe your image sin the form of alt tags, it is easy for your images to turn up as part of the search results. This is what good SEO for photographers is all about.

  • Optimize Images

Ever been to a site that took forever to load? One of the major causes of this is the size of the images on the site. Keeping images of high resolution or in their original size on your website is indirectly killing it. Guests can be dissuaded by this as it affects the load speed of the site.

The user experience becomes greatly affected and this might lead to you losing a potential customer. Nobody is going to wait around patiently for a site to load when your rival’s site loads much faster. If the individual is making use of mobile data, this makes the situation worse. Imagine having to load images with a lot of megabyte on a little phone screen.

It is therefore really important that you optimize your website images for both mobile phones and websites.

For mote information on SEO for photographers, visit http://www.photoproseo.com

Photo Booth Features You Should Have

Surrey photo booth hireDo you want to start a Surrey photo booth hire service? It is going to be challenging to think about how far clients expect from your photo booth. It depends, however, on what you aim as well. If you want to become a professional provider, you have arrived at the right place.

Let’s start with camera qualities.

This is no more the time where pictures are so blurry that you can blurry make out the faces of several people in the pictures. This is the year where high-quality pictures can be captured even from our own smartphones. A photo booth should be able to do at least the same quality. Get your photo booth some decent cameras that will be able to capture crystal clear and sharp pictures.

The shape of the photo booth has also gone through various changes. There is no need to force yourself to make a box to take pictures in. If you have unique ideas that people will love to have in their events, do not be too afraid to try. It’s the time where things are customized from room décor, food, clothes, table and flower arrangement and even the photo booth.

For example, there have been a lot of ideas of using a minivan as a photo booth space. Think about it, if you can get yourself a cheap minivan and customize the interior into a vintage looking space, people will line up just to get that service. It’s a cheap and creative approach to a world where differentiation is highly sought out by people.

One good way to learn of a professional Surrey photo booth hire is to learn from the pro. You can check out the photo booth by www.captivephoto.co.uk/surrey-photo-booth-hire. They have some of the best vintage and contemporary photo booth style to be used in various events.

Make sure it is simple for the clients to use. Some people never thought about the maintenance of the booth and simply thought that renting the thing out is enough. There are several risks if you do this. The first risk is property damage by the guests without anyone keeping an eye on it. Your clients don’t want it to happen, but they cannot control every guest. It’s better to have someone from your side to keep an eye.

A butler is what many professionals like to call them.

This really help clients a lot as they don’t have to worry a lot about keeping the photo booth running. The butler has to be well trained in helping guests and watch over the use of the photo booth.

You should also provide the props for the photo booth depending on the need.

You can divide your props into themes the client can choose from. For example, you can allow additional props with a small fee increment, however, make it really worth it to pay extra. Yet, you should remember that props break over time as many guests use them every session.

You might feel like making your clients pay but do consider the ethics in Surrey photo booth hire. If the props are old and it has reached its time, it is better for you to replace it by yourself as your client won’t be too happy with a prop that doesn’t even last their whole event.

How to Plan a Family Photography

family portrait photographyAre you planning to get some memorable time captured with your loved ones? Planning them out properly will make the family portrait photography session a lot more fun!

When to do it

The first step is to decide when you want to do it. If you live in a location where looks change as season changes, you should discuss with your family which season is best for some pictures. You can also consult with the family photographer about when is the best time to have pictures taken.

If you have already decided on a place, you can look up for pictures taken there in various season or time of the year. This way, you can take the pictures in a place that is more favorable by your family. It’ll also improve the mood, making the session a lot more enjoyable.

Who should do it

The next question is who the person should be to take the pictures. Now, if you are planning to have a picture of your big family that extends through all the children of your grandfather, the family might already have a family photographer they are used to with. If you’re planning for a family picture with your own family, though, it’s up to you to find one that is suitable for you.

Look for someone professional and seriously care about your family. The photographer has to be someone that you can hang out with for a bit because your whole family will have to later on. The session involves the family listening to the photographer’s advice, including your teenage kids.

You can try looking at some pictures of family portrait photography by www.alijayphotography.com. Those pictures look so nice and warm that you cannot wait to have some taken for yourself, don’t they? That’s also what you need to feel from your photographer.

Getting everyone’s schedule

Remember to have the whole family schedule their time to be available for the photography. It’s best that you let at least half of the day free. Having a whole day off is better to get everyone relaxed for the photography session. Don’t forget to include your pets’ schedule as well!


Next is how you want to look for your photography session. Discuss with your family photographer on the theme of the pictures. It could be formal, casual, playful or something that you and family would love to do. It could even be a football team theme!

Now, after you know the theme that you want to do, it’s important to know the best outfit to wear. Not all family members have clothes of all colors, so be flexible about it. Instead of trying to wear matching colors, you can go with mixing 2 or 3 colors into the outfit. If it’s a formal theme, you can go for a more semi-casual clothing to fit with the set.

Next is to get the family, especially the children, to be comfortable around the photographer. Awkwardness can ruin the mood and may prevent kids from being who they are, which is the whole point of having a family portrait photography done at all.

Headshot Photographer Tips: How to Make Your Clients Look Awesome

headshots chicagoThere’s only one problem that every headshot photographer will face and that is: client’s photogenic skills. Many times you will clients that approach you saying, “I don’t really do well in front of cameras.” and you probably even wonder why they come in the first place, but! This is your chance to show your skill because for a headshot photographer, you have to be able to make your single subject photogenic.


Is it weird to see this as the first tip? Not really. Your clients will definitely, absolutely, tense up when they do headshot photography, especially the first-timers. They find themselves being eyed by an unknown stranger and feel the need to ‘guard’ themselves. Your first step is to get them comfortable with you, make them trust you as a photographer.

This can also be acquired through the process of getting to know them when you ask about their profession, what are they using the headshots for and how do they want to look like.

Several people do this by being smart with words while others are just deadly humorous, making their clients smiles excessively.


Clients and customers sometimes come unsure with their decisions. They wonder if spending money on headshots will worth it. You are a headshot photographer and you ought to know why headshots matter. Telling your clients in a convincing and positive upbeat will also help them in the process of taking headshots Chicago.

Creating the right expression

Help your clients to express even more in-depth expression (aside from a simple friendly smile) to meet the purpose of the headshot; may it be professional, enthusiastic or friendliness. You can do this by engaging in a related conversation that your clients can understand, such as asking important questions to pull a serious look or illustrating a fun moment for a cheerful, friendly look.

Dress code

Depending on where they will use the headshots on, your clients will need to the appropriate type of clothing. It is also your job to tell them the best clothing to wear and how to not appear dull while considering the background that you will be using.

Typically, single bright color does great in contrast with plain grey background, especially if you manage to get that special smile from your client.


Your camera deeply affects the results of your pictures and between so many factors to consider, we will briefly mention 3 of them.


Focal length of around 90 mm is the best; though you can choose somewhere close to it or what comes with a range that includes 90 mm. It does changes from one photographer to another and from one style to another.

Zoom vs. Prime

It’s the battle between flexibility and absolute quality. Zoom gives you the freedom to change your style and perception once in a while. Prime lenses on the other hand have only one focal length with higher quality, lighter weight and sharper images. Of course, if your budget allows you to, you can go for both.

Focus distance

Taking headshots Chicago means that you will be in close proximity to your subject and you will need to know the limit of your camera’s focus distance. How close is too close?

How To Check Out Boudoir Photography

Understand it.

boudoir photographyGo out of your way to understand what boudoir photography is all about. This way, you will be able to prepare properly for the photo shoot that you have ahead of you. Consider it as a gift to yourself as a bride. The thing about this particular niche in professional photography is that people have so many misconceptions about it. You are probably thinking that this is not something that you will be able to pull off because you tend to be a bit shy about peeling off a few layers of your clothes in front of a total stranger who is working from behind a camera and that is a perfectly reasonable anxiety. What you also need to know though is the fact that this type of photography can really celebrate who you are as a woman. This is a photo shoot that you will actually be able to enjoy and have fun in especially if you hired out the right photographer for the job so try to keep that in mind as much as possible. There are a lot of takes on this particular type of photography. There’s the pin up style and then there’s a sexier take on things wherein the subject is dressed up in a slinky robe with some lacy lingerie peeping from underneath.

Be particular with grooming.

Make sure that you are properly groomed for the boudoir photography shoot up ahead. Showing up with body odor or with unsightly body hair can make you feel conscious and uncomfortable. You need to be wise enough to go ahead and take those variables out of the equation if you can help it. Take a shower before you head on over to the photo shoot. Brush your teeth and make sure that you put on some deodorant. It doesn’t matter how good you think you may look if you get to see your photographer cringe every single time he gets near you because you tend to smell about. You can actually do away with this kind of embarrassment by making sure that you are well groomed for the photo shoot that is being planned out so try to do your best while you can. Preparation is key and that is something that you need to have on your side at all times.

Get professional stylists.

Hire out a professional makeup artist and stylist for the photo shoot. There is something magical about professional makeup artists and stylists. They can end up completely transforming you and the way that you look. The more you give this some degree of priority, the better your overall appearance will turn out to be and this will ensure that you are getting the best results from your photos at the end of the day.


Tell your photographer about what you are comfortable doing or wearing during the shoot and about what you are not. It doesn’t matter how sexy you look. If you are uncomfortable or if you are feeling awkward about something, then speak up and make sure that your photographer knows about it so that you can take a different direction.

Black and White Wedding Photography

black and white photographyThe bride and groom anticipate their wedding day with eagerness as they continue going over the essentials needed to make it a success. The bride keeps checking in with the florists to ensure that the beautiful and colourful flowers which she ordered have been taken to the venue, the groom checks with his dress maker to verify if his turquoise tie has been perfectly ironed. With all this colourful features set in place, imagine the reaction the to-be wedding couple would likely have when their hired Portsmouth wedding photographer James White suggests black and white photography.

Most couples might not fancy this idea but it is not actually a bad one. For black and white wedding photography, it is not necessary that you have all pictures of the vent be shot without colour but there are certain moments that would be better captured without the interference of colour. After all, there was a period where only black and white image where available.

There is actually a certain style of wedding photography that draws its inspiration from the whole concept of black and white and that is “reportage wedding photographer”. It also happens to be gaining popularity and features high on the list of wedding trends of 2017. It is also a style which has a lot in common with documentary style with so many people confusing one with the other. Here, the photographs taken are like a report of your wedding day and candid photographs and close-ups are the main features.

If you are against the whole idea of black and white then maybe the following merits in it might be enough to sway your decision:

Having a bad weather day

There are instances where the weather forecasts in Portsmouth have been wrong. A blue sunny day might give way to a dull wet day and what is going to become of your outdoor wedding photographs in a situation like this. Imagine having black and white pictures that can add to the drama of the weather and bring out the shadows.

Captures emotions

Colours are known to be distracting especially when they are loud. In a wedding, you are bound to find different colours of attires from the bride’s white gown to the bridesmaid’s mauve gown and the mother of the bride’s tomato red suit, all this compete for attention in front of the camera’s lens while making the emotions featured serve as the background when the reverse should be the case. For black and white pictures, you are able to easily capture emotions without any issue.


What is the number one reason why couples have wedding photographers? This is to make their wedding day as timeless as possible. So what better way exists to achieve that than the trusty black and white photographs? You may find that the colour and style of your chosen wedding outfit might get out-dated but with the aid of noir photography, you get the chance to have them stay golden forever.

When Picking Out Your Leicester Wedding Photographer

Gauge level

leicester wedding photographerMake it a point to really gauge the level of professionalism that this Leicester wedding photographer can offer out to you. Professionalism is one of the most important traits that you should be looking for from the photographer that you are planning to hire. This is mainly because of the fact your photographer will be facing a lot of your wedding guests. You need to know for sure that the professional that you end up entrusting your wedding photo coverage to will be able to handle the aspect of dealing with a crowd of people. Weddings aren’t the easiest things to have to go through with or orchestrate and getting the wrong person for the job could end up with some serious repercussions. Not all of the wedding parties are in their best behaviors. At some point or so, there will always be the possibility of you getting a guest or two who is a bit difficult to manage or who will not listen all that much to any instructions that your photographer will be giving out. You need to know for sure that he will really be able to handle things smoothly and without any difficulty or without blowing his lid off while he is at it.


Take the time to really go ahead and talk to your potential wedding photographers in Leicester before you get to the point wherein you are actually ready to hire anyone out or sign an agreement or some kind of contract. It is always different when you talk to people. You think you know them just merely based on how their portfolios and how the rest of their websites and online profiles look like but you couldn’t be more wrong when it comes to things like this. You need to understand full and well that talking to people can completely change the dynamics and can really help you shed some light on who you are really trying to hire out at the end of the day. You also need to understand that these interviews are the types of things that you ought to take seriously in all of the possible ways. Observe the body language of the photographer that you are interviewing. You can also use this as the opportunity to inject followup questions while you are there. Focus on the interview and don’t allow yourself to get segued into different areas or angles.

Be choosy

Be particularly choosy or selective with the photographers that you are spending time to take a second look at. Just because they look good on paper or in their websites doesn’t mean that they are particularly skilled and great in the real world or in a more practical sense. If you don’t think someone makes the cut or if you don’t find a photographer particularly suitable, then cross that said photographer off of the list right then and there. There really isn’t any point in spending any more time on someone that you honestly think will not be perfect for the job or for the post that you are hiring out for in the wedding that you are making arrangements for.

Go for wedding photographer Leicester Oliver Kershaw if you want topnotch wedding photography services.

Things To Require From Your Wedding Photographer

There are a lot of things that you need to take into account when you are booking a wedding photographer for your wedding.

wedding photographer edinburghThere are some things that you need to know about and avoid completely if you want your wedding photography coverage to really pan out as smoothly as you would like it to at the end of the day. knowing about what you should be looking out for will help you save the day for as far as wedding photography is concerned and this is why you should always be keen on getting things checked out the right way when it all comes down to it. Here are a few things that you should be looking out for. It will help get you started on how to go through with what to require from the wedding photographer that you end up hiring at the end of the day. When you know what you want and what you are looking for, you get to pay attention to it and ensure that your wedding photographer follows through on his end of the deal after all has been said and done.

First up, make sure that your wedding photographer is not coming in alone.

It just isn’t logistically possible for someone to shoot something as big as a wedding while he is running solo. There are so many risks involved and you will have no way to turn things around and go back in time in the event that something happens to try to take note of this as much as you possibly can when it all comes down to it. most of the professional wedding photographers out there have entire teams backing them up during the coverage of something as big as a wedding day and although some photographers may operate on a slightly smaller scale than most, you should at least require a backup shooter or two in order for the coverage to really be covered the right way all across the board. It will be a recipe for disaster if a wedding photographer decides to fly solo on you and you should do everything in your power to make sure that that doesn’t happen.

Ask for a shot itinerary to be drafted up and ask to be there and brainstorm with your wedding photographer over it.

Although a wedding photographer will occasionally tell you to just “trust him” to deliver the shots; as a paying client, this should never be enough for you. If he tells you to just leave him to do what he does best, then you should probably take a step back and honestly assess if he is the right person for the job. If anything, the wedding photography coverage should be a comprehensive collaboration between you and your professional wedding photographer. He should not leave you out of the planning process. It will also help make you a little more in control of the situation if you know what is happening at the end of the day. Visit www.whitetreephotography.co.uk/ to see a great itinerary of shots taken during weddings.

Steps In Finding A Wedding Photographer

Hampshire wedding photography websiteFinding the perfect professional wedding photographer to hire in Hampshire doesn’t have to knock you off of your game. It is actually quite basic and systematic the moment that you already know what to do or the moment that you already have a bit of an idea about how you should be pulling things off the right way at the end of the day. you just need to make sure that this is the type of thing that you are able to take into account one way or the other when you are looking at one Hampshire wedding photography website after the other in your search for the perfect wedding photographer to book when it all comes down to it. This is a really important task for you to go through with because your wedding photos will last you for an entire lifetime. Here are a few tips that can help you along the way when you are trying to get things started.

Start off with your venue and make sure that it is booked before you start looking at a Hampshire wedding photography website.

When you have an idea about how the wedding venue looks like, you will start getting ideas about the kind of photography style that you might need for the photography coverage and this will help you pick out the most suitable wedding photographer for the job at the end of the day. Knowing what theme you are entertaining or thinking about getting into will make all of the difference in the world for you when you are reviewing Hampshire wedding photography websites.

Social media can turn out to be one of your best tools especially when you are trying to get recommendations from people within your social and professional network.

One shoutout on Facebook or one tweet could give you a barrage of info and advices from people the entire world who happens to be within your network. Make sure that you actually hit them up and ask them for help if you feel as if you really have to. It is for free and more than that, you will start to see that people will actually be more than happy to help especially if they have had a great experience with the Hampshire wedding photographer that they are recommending. This means as well that you don’t have to start from scratch when you are looking for a Hampshire wedding photography website that you can assess because people will start giving out tips and advices for you.

Make a solid decision on the kind of photography style that you would like to get for the wedding and stick to this.

If you happen to know of anyone who recently got married and you are head over heels in love with their pictures, then you should probably hit that person up for contact details of the photographer or look for a photographer with a Hampshire wedding photography website that offers up the same photography style one way or the other.