Preserve Your Digital Memories as a Wedding Photographer Kent With These Steps

wedding photographer KentTaking pictures as a wedding photographer Kent has become a thousand times easier because we now have access to mobile phones with great cameras as well as digital cameras too. Smartphone photography has made it easier to take wedding photos on the go and capture beautiful moments in time. With all these technologies we hardly ever print pictures anymore.

Pictures are mostly stored on our digital devices and on memory cards. The question is this, what will you do when you lose all your data? The pictures are gone forever. This is what I dread the most, I have actually experienced it before and it wasn’t a pleasant experience.

It sure wouldn’t be funny to lose pictures of weddings you have taken over a long period of time. I have come up with a few tips on how to preserve your digital memories as a wedding photographer Kent. Let’s check them out in the next few paragraphs.

Have a professional photo shoot

Due to the access, we have to mobile phones and digital cameras which all have inbuilt storages and are compatible with memory cards, we tend to take photos ourselves for leisure. A proven fact is that we take more pictures now more than ever. It shouldn’t be strange to you, especially with the kind of gadgets being developed and placed on the market daily. However, when you have an event you want to keep in your memory for a lifetime, rather than depend on your mobile devices, opt for a professional photo shoot.

Tow the old school path

Printing pictures has become an old school affair. People would rather take pictures and post them online or leave them on their phones. As enticing as this can be, it makes a lot of sense to go old school with memories that you want to keep for a very long time. Having hard copies of your pictures means you have your memories in your hand for the rest of your life.

Have multiple backups

This is one of the best ways to preserve your digital memories. There are three major ways to do this. You can put one in the cloud, leave another on your phone, and produce hard copies of the pictures. This way you have the pictures safeguarded against any form of eventuality.

Ensure someone close to you can access the pictures

A fraction of people, actually 16%, believe that members of the families or people close to them are bound not to have access to their pictures 50 years into the future. It is important that you leave instructions to someone close to you on how to access these photos just in case you are not available at the time they are needed.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article and this article has been helpful to you in finding a wedding photographer Kent like Penny Young Photography.