WordPress Support for Photographers: 3 Elements You Need to Create a Site

wordpress support for photographersWordPress is a an extremely popular content management system that helps build websites. It offers a wide range of options in terms of customisations and add-ons. It is also a great tool to showcase photography as it offers great wordpress support for photographers .

WordPress is an easy way to build a brand for your photography online without having to be an expert in website building and/or coding. There are plenty of options to create your personalised site (most are even free), and here are a few elements that will help with photography in particular:


WordPress has a huge amount of themes and templates, both free and premium. These themes are ready-made, so all you have to do is tweak the settings and add content. You can also get themes tailor-made for your business which can elevate the content even more. Make sure to use the themes to complement the photography. The styles should work perfectly in tandem to create a polished and visually attractive product, a true display of your work. Personalise the themes to stand out from the crowd. Keep an eye on what the themes offer in terms of add-ons and integration, such as plugins and links to social media. Some even allow the option to have multiple galleries to organise and showcase your work to even more effect. This is the best kind of wordpress support for photographers .


Selling your photography is a great way to increase profit and to get your work out to widespread clients. This will also boost the professional look of your WordPress site, as well as your reputation as an established and experienced photographer. There are plenty of options to integrate ecommerce into your WordPress site. Some plugins are even specifically catered to photographers looking to sell images. This option also allows you full control and distribution rights over your work without any third parties having to get involved. You can talk directly to the buyers without any interference, and you can see exactly what your clients are looking to purchase and what most appeals to them. There are plenty of options for integrating ecommerce into your WordPress site, from various plugins to quite a few extensions.


WordPress is one of the best tools to use in order to take full advantage of the huge bonus of Search Engine Optimisation. Not only can you use specific keywords in the text parts throughout the site, but you can also specific and unique tags and titles on your photographs so that they will also be found by search engines despite being images. There are also plenty of SEO plugins available for your site, as well as plenty of options to index your site as perfectly as you can, which optimises your ranking in search results.

WordPress and photography businesses are a perfect match. There is a great deal of wordpress support for photographers, and many ways to take advantage of it. To get the best out of your WordPress site, visit MyPhotoCTO.