Newborn Photography: 4 Real Tips You Can Use

newborn photography Jacksonville FLWe know that many people out there tell you about how newborn photography Jacksonville FL can be done in this and that way. A lot of those tips, though, come from people who are not really professional in newborn photography! You need real tips that will actually work in real life situations!

So, here are 4 tips (there are more!) that you can believe will work for you.

Connect with parents

Clients of newborn photography are always parents. These people want the best for their kids and aside from great pictures, they need to know it’s going to be safe and comfortable for their little one. To appeal to these people, you need to connect with them and be able to show them that you have what they require.

Take them for a tour around your set and show how you usually do your newborn photography. It’s also a good idea to do a commercial video of how you work and a quick interview with it. Make sure it’s not longer than 4-5 minutes if you plan to make one. This will help clients get insight into your working method and be able to talk on the same page as you avoid misunderstandings.

Compare with competitors

The next step would be to compare yourself to competitors. When it comes to newborn photography, the limitation applies from poses to use of props and other equipment. What’s left would be the number of pictures, type of packages and, of course, price. Those are also what clients will like to compare about you from others.

Know your strengths especially when compared to a professional newborn photography Jacksonville FL service by What makes you better than this person? When you know that you cost slightly less, appeal to how clients can get more with your price. Do not emphasize how you are cheaper.

Understand the mothers.

Having your own baby is one of the most miraculous things in life, especially if you are a mother. No one understands the impact or the feeling of delivering a baby like mothers can. The tiredness, energy, hormonal fluctuations and physical appearance changes are all for the sake of that one precious life. As photographers responsible for such a precious thing, you have the burden to deal with the tired mother as well!

Several things you need to note is that mothers can get impatient. That’s why you will tell them that the session is not going to be short, frankly, and if you will provide refreshments during it. Suggest mothers bring toys if they have other children coming over. Give extra patience to these women who’ve given their all.

Learn to be flexible

Not every baby is the same and you will be met with one who seems to cannot comply with most of the poses that others can. You have to always prepare more for each client because you never know what will happen. Yet, you cannot apply the same pose to each of them.

During lifestyle newborn photography Jacksonville FL, flexibility is also necessary. As you work in an unfamiliar room, you’re demanded to improvise and learn how to use whatever props are available.

How to Plan a Family Photography

family portrait photographyAre you planning to get some memorable time captured with your loved ones? Planning them out properly will make the family portrait photography session a lot more fun!

When to do it

The first step is to decide when you want to do it. If you live in a location where looks change as season changes, you should discuss with your family which season is best for some pictures. You can also consult with the family photographer about when is the best time to have pictures taken.

If you have already decided on a place, you can look up for pictures taken there in various season or time of the year. This way, you can take the pictures in a place that is more favorable by your family. It’ll also improve the mood, making the session a lot more enjoyable.

Who should do it

The next question is who the person should be to take the pictures. Now, if you are planning to have a picture of your big family that extends through all the children of your grandfather, the family might already have a family photographer they are used to with. If you’re planning for a family picture with your own family, though, it’s up to you to find one that is suitable for you.

Look for someone professional and seriously care about your family. The photographer has to be someone that you can hang out with for a bit because your whole family will have to later on. The session involves the family listening to the photographer’s advice, including your teenage kids.

You can try looking at some pictures of family portrait photography by Those pictures look so nice and warm that you cannot wait to have some taken for yourself, don’t they? That’s also what you need to feel from your photographer.

Getting everyone’s schedule

Remember to have the whole family schedule their time to be available for the photography. It’s best that you let at least half of the day free. Having a whole day off is better to get everyone relaxed for the photography session. Don’t forget to include your pets’ schedule as well!


Next is how you want to look for your photography session. Discuss with your family photographer on the theme of the pictures. It could be formal, casual, playful or something that you and family would love to do. It could even be a football team theme!

Now, after you know the theme that you want to do, it’s important to know the best outfit to wear. Not all family members have clothes of all colors, so be flexible about it. Instead of trying to wear matching colors, you can go with mixing 2 or 3 colors into the outfit. If it’s a formal theme, you can go for a more semi-casual clothing to fit with the set.

Next is to get the family, especially the children, to be comfortable around the photographer. Awkwardness can ruin the mood and may prevent kids from being who they are, which is the whole point of having a family portrait photography done at all.