Choosing the Right Kind of Food for your Big Asian Wedding

asian wedding photographyWeddings in Asia are indeed a huge deal, it is always a festival like event in many parts of the vast continent .it is even more interesting to note that no matter the location of any individual world over, as long as he or she is of Asian origin or perhaps if such a person practices any of the religion of Asian descent, such a one would certainly want to organize his or her wedding the Asian way. Images gotten from Asian wedding photography blogs show a people rich in cuisines that can only be described as bud inciting.

One huge and important part of any wedding of Asian origin is their love for good food at such events, so just in case you are about to have an Asian wedding and perhaps you are not too familiar with the types of food that are appreciated in the different parts of the giant continent, just relax as this write up would certainly open your eyes to the secrets behind choosing just the right kind of food that suits the occasion 

Know what you want

Lots of people define Asian food as simply Chinese food, to them, so long as it is Chinese it is Asian and vice versa. However, what many fail to realise is that Asia is actually composed of more countries than China alone, it is also quite imperative to note that these different countries have diverse cultures and traditions that go a long way indicating their choice of food.

For instance, some parts of Asia view eating beef as wrong and as such would never serve such at any event, not even a wedding. You would, therefore, do yourself a lot of good by asking yourself; what exactly is it that I want? A clear picture of this would certainly help you make just about the right choice on such matters.

Find out the cost

A wedding is undoubtedly not a good enough reason to become bankrupt overnight; you would certainly be acting smart by finding out which types of food would suit your budget. It is a known fact that some foods of Asian origin are just too expensive, however; there are other cuisines that are quite affordable and thus suitable for your event.

Find out if the needed ingredients are available nearby

Pictures got from Asian wedding photography websites indicate that the food served at Asian weddings are quite diverse, rich and contain a lot of condiments and ingredients, many of which may not be available in your locality especially if you are not based in the Asian continent. Therefore you would be acting rather unwise by making the choice of a cuisine you are very much aware that its ingredient can’t be gotten at the local supermarket and if available may be way too expensive an expense to bear.

Carry out general sample testing

You ought to get on a train heading to the nearest Asian restaurant in town, get their menu book from them and request for little portions of each Asian food on offer. For every food tasted mark and record your opinion of them, this would certainly help you have an obvious picture of what food to take. Besides, you may be lucky enough for your wedding to be the focus of Asian wedding photography blogs and websites.

How To Check Out Boudoir Photography

Understand it.

boudoir photographyGo out of your way to understand what boudoir photography is all about. This way, you will be able to prepare properly for the photo shoot that you have ahead of you. Consider it as a gift to yourself as a bride. The thing about this particular niche in professional photography is that people have so many misconceptions about it. You are probably thinking that this is not something that you will be able to pull off because you tend to be a bit shy about peeling off a few layers of your clothes in front of a total stranger who is working from behind a camera and that is a perfectly reasonable anxiety. What you also need to know though is the fact that this type of photography can really celebrate who you are as a woman. This is a photo shoot that you will actually be able to enjoy and have fun in especially if you hired out the right photographer for the job so try to keep that in mind as much as possible. There are a lot of takes on this particular type of photography. There’s the pin up style and then there’s a sexier take on things wherein the subject is dressed up in a slinky robe with some lacy lingerie peeping from underneath.

Be particular with grooming.

Make sure that you are properly groomed for the boudoir photography shoot up ahead. Showing up with body odor or with unsightly body hair can make you feel conscious and uncomfortable. You need to be wise enough to go ahead and take those variables out of the equation if you can help it. Take a shower before you head on over to the photo shoot. Brush your teeth and make sure that you put on some deodorant. It doesn’t matter how good you think you may look if you get to see your photographer cringe every single time he gets near you because you tend to smell about. You can actually do away with this kind of embarrassment by making sure that you are well groomed for the photo shoot that is being planned out so try to do your best while you can. Preparation is key and that is something that you need to have on your side at all times.

Get professional stylists.

Hire out a professional makeup artist and stylist for the photo shoot. There is something magical about professional makeup artists and stylists. They can end up completely transforming you and the way that you look. The more you give this some degree of priority, the better your overall appearance will turn out to be and this will ensure that you are getting the best results from your photos at the end of the day.


Tell your photographer about what you are comfortable doing or wearing during the shoot and about what you are not. It doesn’t matter how sexy you look. If you are uncomfortable or if you are feeling awkward about something, then speak up and make sure that your photographer knows about it so that you can take a different direction.

5 Vital Questions You Need To Ask Before Hiring a San Francisco Wedding Photographer 

San Francisco wedding photographerIf you are about to wed, big congratulations to you! But before taking this bold step, you need to make that special day of yours perfect. Do you know your wedding would be deemed incomplete without the services of a professional San Francisco wedding photographer? You need a professional wedding photographer to capture vital moments you don’t want to forget. But you can be sure that they are amateurs wearing a professional look. You need to ask some vital questions that will give you some ideas about the expertise and professionalism of the wedding photographer you are about hiring.

Ask about his experience

Before you hire a San Francisco wedding photographer, you need to ask about his years of experience. A photographer with lots of experience will handle even the biggest mishaps with a smile on his face. He has been there and he has been through a lot! Experience is what will distinguish a professional from an amateur. An experienced wedding photographer will capture photos with lots of skills.

The last thing you do not want to do is organizing guest for a photograph the busiest hours on that day. This will not only bring stress to your face, but also, it will also appear in your photo how stressful you look; your photo will even look less appealing. This is where a professional San Francisco wedding photographer comes in because he is experienced, he will organize the guest when there are supposed to take pictures.

Ask about the packages included in his services

Before hiring a San Francisco wedding photographer, you need to ask if there are any packages included when you hire him. If he has any, then you need to give him a try on your wedding day.

Ask about his equipment

Before hiring your potential wedding photographer in San Francisco, you need to ask about the equipment he uses. You do not want to be shot with a crude camera, do you? Ask about the equipment he is going to bring along to your wedding day.

Another question you need to ask is if he has a back-up for every equipment. The last thing you do not want is to have a malfunction with your wedding photographer’s equipment. Ask about this to save your wedding day.

Ask about recommendations and see proofs

During you interview with your potential wedding photographer, you need to ask for recommendations and see if he has lots of reviews from people in San Francisco. With recommendations online and also from friends who are newlyweds, you can be rest assured you are getting the right services with that cash. Also, ask for proofs either from him or from friends and colleagues he has shot for.

Ask about his fees

The last thing you do not want his hiring a photographer above your budget also. Ask how much he charges. If there are ok by you, then you can hire.

Your wedding day might extend more than the hour you budgeted for with your wedding photographer. Ask how much he is going to charge for an extra one hour or more.

Your wedding day should be remarkable because it is a once-in-a-lifetime moment that you can never get back. These why you need to get the best photos from it. You cannot achieve this unless you hire a professional San Francisco wedding photographer. You can determine if your wedding photographer is the right one for you by asking the above-listed questions. You need to check out to get exciting photographs that portray one’s special day.